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  • Chill Game

    By NicoNarsty
    Fun little time passer.
  • Review

    By Tragicbambam
    Event rewards locked behind pay wall. 1000 rolls to unlock reward and i managed 38 playing daily .
  • Mushroom

    By ProfessionaI reviewer
  • Epic game

    By SantiagoPortillo
    This AFK rpg is super awesome and cool I would totally Reccomend it if you like action and adventure
  • Cant even play with my friends

    By PalmeR~PalmTreeZ
    Game devs at least allow a 2-3 dollar server transfer or something. You guys will make a lot money from people who wanna play with friends and make us happy. Theres no official server change yet. Like why allow a server change and no items or even level of lamp to come around. Already spent 20 bucks and cant even change server.
  • Gamer

    By Anime person 5
    It is really fun you push your luck a become a pro in no time. It also has a lot of action and if you are like me you will love it
  • Good game, terrible gacha rates

    By tingybai
    I don’t mind spending money in games I like, and I do like this game, but having to spend over 500$ for a skin of a weapon is wild. I don’t care about the stats the skins give, but I would love to just buy the skin without the stats for a flat price. Please let us purchase stats and cosmetics separately. I don’t mind whales spending 500 on a 10% boost but could the low spending players at least get the cosmetic for a flat 10$ or something?
  • Addictive but pay 2 win

    By Li€nad
    It is a fun game i’ve already made it to lvl 100 but its sad that there are certain things you can’t get bcuz of a pay wall like costumes or certain gear it takes longer for a non payer to progress or obtain certain things within the game like events you won’t be able to get a lot of certain items for spins unless you pay. Especially when getting in higher lvls it becomes more difficult and the normal stuff you get from daily doesn’t seem to be enough anymore and it feels like I have to pay to keep getting more advanced it is a fun game but could be great if the progression was a bit more on balanced with pay and non pay like have items and costumes you can obtain without paying and have more options for those that want to pay so everyone could feel like wanting to login every day and keep playing
  • Refunded wrong

    By Bishop 92
    I did not get refunded on main account, instead got banned from the new account/ wrong account that was made. my son had kept buying packs from game i need that back please or else cannot pay my bills… pls unban new account it was the wrong one that was banned
  • In app purchases $300

    By Adamemaley
    $300 purchase amount and it’s not listed in apple store description. Idk why games leech so much money from people. It’s sad. 100% pay to win.