Halloween by 多纳

Halloween by 多纳

By New Oriental Xuncheng Network Technology CO.Ltd


Koolearn is proud to launch its revolutionary English learning product for kids, with game-based exploring learning method, exercising kids'native English listening skills in a pure English environment and enlightening their English learning skills through a variety of interesting games. Application range: 2-8 years old children Difficulty range: ladder-like distribution of contents’ difficulty, adaptable for kids without any English knowledge and also for elementary students with low level English ability. Features: 1. Designed by twenty plus kid English language teaching experts both home and abroad, manifesting the core of New Oriental’s child English teaching experience 2. Voice is totally recorded by American experts, ensuring a perfect native English speaking environment. 3. Child psychologists offer joint efforts on course designing and story writing; containing the concept “optimism into character shaping” in the product design. 4. Produced by China’s top musicians and artists, allocating a large amount of money to provide high quality language learning products for kids. Unit18: Halloween Listen! Who is knocking the door? Is it dad? Mum? Or the kid next door? No, none of them. They are the witch, werewolf and the spirit which we heard from the myths and legends. Don't be afraid, the Halloween is coming, they come to visit Donut. How to treat these special guests? Dear friends, Donut need your help, please join the games to win the presents. Donut will treat the friends with them. After get the presents, they will lead Donut to visit the neighbors and collect candies. Trick or treat? Everyone will make his choice. In this unit, kids will learn words and conversations that are used in Halloween and experience interesting traditions about it. Features: 1. The fantastic original scenes, more than 10 original images like witch, werewolf and spirit. 2. 4 characteristic games to help the kids learn the words and conversations that are related to Halloween. 3. Various trick-or treat games: 6 props and 4 scenes for the kids to choose. ======================================================== If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us: email: donut@koolearn-inc.com wechat: Koolearn_Donut