Cake War by 多纳

Cake War by 多纳

By New Oriental Xuncheng Network Technology CO.Ltd


This is an interactive game which you can play together with your friends and families. You can share it at parties and parent-child time.Infinite creativities, endless possibilities! Product Feature: * Suitable for 2-player interaction at leisure time. * Suitable for intellect matches among family members. * Beautiful original music. * Great pictures. * Supports multiple languages. * Without embedded advertisements. * Without extra payment. * More exciting all in the game. Koolearn is proud to launch its revolutionary English learning product for kids, with game-based exploring learning method, exercising kids'native English listening skills in a pure English environment and enlightening their English learning skills through a variety of interesting games. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us: email: wechat: Koolearn_Donut