Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki

Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki

By Doudoroff LLC

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 68.51 MB
  • Developer: Doudoroff LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 78 Ratings


Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki is the definitive reference for classic and contemporary exotic mixed drinks on your iPad or iPhone. This unique entertainment resource—the sequel to our five-star Beachbum Berry’s Tiki+—presents exquisite drink recipes researched and meticulously documented by the authority on Tiki cocktails and “Polynesian Pop” exotic drinks: Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. Beachbum Berry is the author of “Sippin’ Safari,” “Beachbum Berry Remixed,” “Beachbum Berry’s Taboo Table” and other books that have resurrected exotic drinks for the current day. - 250 top notch drink recipes including authoritative recipes for the Zombie, Mai Tai, Painkiller, Scorpion and scores of less-known, brilliant refreshments—no bad drinks here! - Over 200 inspiring vintage and contemporary drink photos! - Check off the ingredients you’ve got and this app will show you which drinks you can make - Filter the recipes on multiple criteria with just a few taps - Flag recipes and tag favorites; create custom lists of recipes - Annotate recipes with comments and cumulative likes and dislikes and build up a chronological history of your explorations - Ingredient definitions included - Sync your ingredient inventory, favorites and flagged, custom lists and journal entries across our entire suite of apps and over as many iOS devices as you like, using our free sync service - Universal app, works nearly identically on both platforms Please enjoy responsibly and in moderation!



  • One of the Best

    By RoyWagner
    If you are seriously, or even casually, interested in making good cocktails, any or all the cocktail apps from Martin Doudoroff are well worth getting. They all share information, including the ingredients you have, between the apps. As a mixologist, I have tried many cocktail apps. Martin’s are the best. The user interface is excellent. The notes included from many of the great mixologists are very informative. The apps are all based on the leading mixology books and text material. Try one, add more. Enjoy and cheers!
  • Best Tiki resource

    By Sam Kling
    I love cocktail books, have dozens if not hundreds, but the Mixology Tech apps- particularly this one, Martin’s Index & Wondrich’s Punch Index- are indispensable. It’s easy to keep track of my HUGE inventory across all of the apps, great for inspiration when you’re overwhelmed with options like I often am, but folks growing their bar will love the feature that tells you the next most useful products to buy to expand you’re repertoire. Also, I’m getting real recipes, not some Esquire or GQ or Playboy simplifications. We all know Don gave magazines fake recipes!
  • Solid.

    By Ahdiflelkabamd
    I don’t spend money on apps or write reviews but I’m making an exception for this. If you like cocktails at all, much less tiki, this is a valuable resource.
  • The Crown Jewel of Drink Apps

    By Mai Tai Jim
    Don't let the $10 price dissuade you, this app is astonishing in its content and user interface. The drink descriptions, Berry's comments, and the photographs are worth it price even if you only end up making a few drinks. It is great fun trying new libations, and the ability to add notes for any drink is perfect for adding my tweaks to certain recipes and portion adjustments for making larger quantities, nothing like making two quarts of Zombies right?
  • My 2nd drink app purchase from this publisher

    By Mac & HT Guru
    Though I've made and enjoyed numerous drinks and cocktails over the decades, I never went very far beyond a few comfortable favorites, that is, unless I was sitting at a competent bar somewhere and could order a drink that was outside my comfort zone! Along with "The Bar Book" (Kindle version) by J. Morgenthaler, and this publisher's Easy Cocktails (Shaken and Stirred) app, I feel I've received a fairly inexpensive, but surprisingly thorough, mixology starter course -- that is, inexpensive if you don't count the liquor store bill! Features such as the ability to track your available ingredients (including across their various apps via the included sync service), making journal entries, and knowing what drinks you can build given your current inventory (or with one or two more ingredients), made the cost of this app a non-issue for me. Very useful. Basically, this is what one good cocktail might cost you at a decent Tiki bar! I've only tried a couple of the recipes so far, but am looking forward to many more. I hope lots of fellow drink aficionados will also purchase these apps, such that the publisher will maintain and update this suite of apps for many years to come.
  • Tikiphiles unite! Beachbum Berry has brought the Tiki to your smartphone!

    By bkinnan
    Look no further for your favorite "authentic" Tiki cocktails. This app has it all - Donn Beach, "Trader Vic" Bergeron and Jeff "Beachbum" Berry have converged to bring you their recipes to your home. Not only does this app have an impressive repertoire - it also boasts a beautifully designed GUI. Aloha to everyone involved!
  • Absolutely essential, Indispensable even

    By El TigroX
    Fantastic app that will both instruct and inform as you wade into the wide world of tiki drinks and concoctions. This app taught me nearly everything I needed to know to prep single drinks, as well as brush up my knowledge and skills for parties with friends. Absolutely worth the cost, along with some solid bar equipment. Before you know it, you'll be measuring and making like a pro. Download it, have fun and enjoy it!
  • Like floating on the trade winds...

    By Meat_Bucket
    A great collection of many of the most classic tiki drinks of the mid century, uncovered and rediscovered by the preeminent tiki cocktail authority, Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. This app includes all of the best recipes from at least four of Berry's books, so at $9.99 this app is really a great deal. In addition to the wealth of tiki drink recipes available, you get all of the unmatched functionality and features of the MixologyTech suite of apps. The most important functionality is the inventory feature, which lets you enter your inventory on hand in the app. It then shows you which recipes you can make with your ingredients, a particularly useful feature on this app, which can be a little overwhelming if you just start scrolling through the recipes alphabetically. With each ingredient an explanation is given of what it is, and all ingredients are provided as links so you can pick an ingredient in a recipe for example and then see which other recipes call for that ingredient. Substitutions are recommended for like ingredients when you are missing a specific ingredient but have a good alternative on hand. A sync feature that takes about 30 seconds to set up will sync all of your ingredients across all seven MixologyTech apps and across multiple devices. This is particularly handy if you use the app both on an iPhone and iPad. It also means that any time you delete and reinstall one of the apps you can just set up the sync again and all of your ingredients are repopulated immediately. Favorites and flags make it easy to find your favorite drinks and drinks you've been meaning to try. You can make custom lists of recipes and journal notes on each recipe, which is particularly helpful in this app as some of the vintage recipes will require a bit of tweaking to the modern pallet, and you'll want to notate those changes for future use. Another great feature, if like me you're always looking to expand the inventory and possibilities of your home bar, is the recommendation of ingredients to acquire. Near the bottom of the home screen you'll see a count of your ingredients, and what percentage of recipes you can make from the app. It then recommends the next ingredients that would most increase the number of drinks you'd be able to make if you added them to your inventory. There are some truly magnificent drinks included. My personal favorite is the Jet Pilot from Steve Crane of the Luau in Beverly Hills. Be sure to try that one. It's unique in its complex flavor profile, and always gets the job done. Links for much further reading on both tiki drinks as well as tiki style are included, as well as sources for barware, bar tools, and many of the specialized tiki drinkware which Beachbum Berry has partnered with Cocktail Kingdom on to bring back to life. I am having a hard time imagining how this app could be improved upon, unless it could also mix the drink for me, but then where would be the fun in that?
  • Great app!

    By oldominion
    Nice app for tiki cocktail and ingredient recipes from scratch. Great help to be able to plug in the ingredients on hand and identify which recipes you can make!
  • Vacation at home!

    By AdamSimsbury
    Reliable recipes that make delicious drinks, and the integration with the other apps from Martin Doudoroff is outstanding. I can't recommend his apps highly enough. I would much rather have an app with a well-curated selection of high quality recipes, than an app with thousands of cocktails of questionable quality. Moreover, the app is well thought out, with extremely useful features. I particularly appreciate that this app has a number of lower-alcohol recipes, and that despite the reputation of most tiki drinks, not all of these recipes are sweet. All of them are complex and well-rounded. I've even e-mailed Martin a couple of times and immediately received friendly and helpful responses. I've purchased three of his apps and expect to add another 2 or 3 fairly soon. After using these apps, I don't want to use anything else. I know I'm gushing, but they are honestly that good. Quick hint: a number of these recipes call for "Jamaican dark rum". Yes, you can use Myer's Dark, but it's not ideal. Coruba dark is a bit better, but try mixing 1/3 Smith & Cross Navy Rum with 2/3 Appleton Signature or Reserve rum, if you can. There is a reason the recipes call for Jamaican rum, not just dark rum. Jamaican rum tends to be...funky. Open a bottle of Smith & Cross and you will immediately know what I mean. On its own it can overwhelm recipes, but mixed with a less overpowering Jamaican rum, its perfect.