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  • Legacy backups

    By SHIB fomo
    Left my personal EFB at home, when I needed to complete my 8710 I downloaded on my Mac and found out all my backups are unusable for import. Very frustrating, I’ll figure it out but at training wasn’t a nice time to find out
  • LogTen Pro tech support was great to work work

    By bsktnte d g
    I had an issue after the latest app update. For what ever the reason all my logbook entries disappeared from my device. I reached out to Logten Pro and they provided guidance in a professional matter to restore my data and solve my issues. Everything is back to normal, thank you and count me as a satisfied customer.
  • Sync not working logbook logs are gone

    By Daman115
    New sync software not workin The new sync software is not working, and has wiped my entire logbook and is giving me an error every time. Samee i need my hours helpppp
  • New sync software not working

    By Limited707
    The new sync software is not working, and has wiped my entire logbook and is giving me an error every time.
  • Mostly works

    By forcey2012
    Pros: - customizable fields fit anyone’s needs - good reporting and analysis Cons: - really clunky ux, new flights get added when I’m just poking around without intending to save - defaults don’t work for all fields, for example I cannot be default student and my home airport can’t be the default destination - sync doesn’t always work, I often have to wait a good while or kill the app for stuff to sync - backups only save to the same cloud account. THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND DEFEATS THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF BACKING UP. what if I lose access to the account? What if the company goes under?
  • Horrible support

    By Vi fish
    My entire logbook wise wiped out overnight. I’ve email support three times and they haven’t responded. They don’t have telephone support either.
  • Good

    By Cautious Pilot
    This is a great logbook and I have enjoyed using it. However, the support is terrible! If something happens you are basically on your own. Be cautious if you depend on your data.
  • Tiresome

    By Matzoballz
    From the moment I first started subscribing, I had all kinds of issues with a program that was supposed to make my life easier. I contacted tech support years ago to address an issue I had with certain hours inexplicably not being counted. I got a strange response with someone from support attempting to show me that it was working fine while simultaneously attaching a file that reinforced the fact that it still wasn’t counting those hours. I eventually through hours of troubleshooting figured it out on my own, but it was emblematic of what was to come. When it works, it works, but for such a high priced program, it should work better than it does. For a while sync was (and honestly still is) troublesome. And my latest issue post update, is that the iOS app won’t even open if I don’t have an active Wi-Fi connection. It just crashes. I’m now at a point where I am seriously considering just using a spreadsheet because this is getting ridiculous.

    By Bkwal123
    Been using LogTen since summertime, it crashed. Worst customer service. I’ve asked for a solution, a telephone number, refund, assistance etc for over a week. DO NOT FALL FOR THE FREE TRAIL. My entire rating is now behind because the logbook carries endorsements for soloing and hours need to verified by DPE on check rides.
  • Recent update messed up lightning sync

    By Mark_08
    Since about 7 days ago when the new update come out. I haven’t been able to sync my logbook from my iPhone to my Mac. Please fix this soon.