TomTom GO Mobile

TomTom GO Mobile

By TomTom

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2016-03-14
  • Current Version: 1.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 246.56 MB
  • Developer: TomTom
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 2
From 732 Ratings


GET THERE FASTER with the all-new TomTom GO Mobile app >> Drive up to 50 FREE miles every month The new TomTom GO Mobile app is a sleek combination of the latest TomTom car navigation technology and world-class traffic information. You will always have access to the best route available based on accurate, real-time traffic information that gets you to your destination faster, every day. BENEFITS >> Offline navigation you can rely on: No need for an internet connection to plan your route. >> Insanely accurate traffic information: Get highly accurate traffic information, in real-time.* >> Drive more relaxed with safety camera alerts: Join our community of millions of drivers sharing safety camera locations in real-time*. >> See buildings and landmarks in stunning 3D: Know exactly where you are so you never miss a turn. >> Quick access to your favorites: Start driving to your favorite places with a single tap on the map. FREE MILES Download TomTom GO Mobile and drive with the app for a fixed number of free miles every month. Upgrade to Unlimited Navigation to drive without miles restriction. Select a one-year or three-year subscription, depending on your driving needs. NOTICE FOR OWNERS OF THE ORIGINAL NAVIGATION APP The original TomTom Navigation app for iPhone is no longer available for purchase. As an owner of the original app, you will continue to receive updates to the app and the map. For instructions on how to reinstall the app, go to Owners are also entitled to a FREE three-year subscription to the GO Mobile app. Make sure you have the latest version of the original Navigation app installed and go to the shop to redeem your upgrade to the GO Mobile app. For a video tutorial on how to upgrade you can watch FEATURES - World Maps: Install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost.** - TomTom Traffic: Always know where delays are and whether a faster route is available.* - Safety Cameras: Drive more relaxed with safety camera alerts, trusted by millions of TomTom GPS drivers. - Offline Maps: Maps are stored on your device so you don't need internet access or data roaming to plan a route. - Points of Interest: From gas stations to hotels, your app comes pre-loaded with millions of useful POIs. - Navigate to Contacts: Never memorize an address again. Select a contact from your list and the app will plan your route. - Quick search: Find destinations faster with Quick Search. It starts finding locations as soon as you start typing. - Navigate to Copied Addresses: Easily select locations you found on websites or other apps by copying their address and pasting them into Quick Search. - Advanced Lane Guidance: Clearly see which lane to take at key junctions. * These services require a cell phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used, and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. On average, TomTom Services uses less then 10MB per month. Check for availability per country. The question of the legality of services to warn for safety cameras is not clear in Germany. You therefore use this service at your own risk. TomTom does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of use of the service in Germany. For more information please go to ** Data storage constraints may apply. Download 4 or more full updates of any installed map per year. You need a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to download new maps and updates. Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. TomTom reserves its right to unilaterally withdraw and/or to amend this offer and/or to amend the terms and conditions.



  • Decent app

    By joanbree
    I love that I can download the maps I need in advance of my trips. I often have my phone in airplane mode to save on roaming charges etc. It works very good for me. I have been using TomTom since the very beginning. Had it on a HP Palm device. It could also work with a laptop in the car.
  • Carplay please

    By swissdrivers123
    TOM TOM is a great software. I think one of the best in term of reliability, accuracy and real time traffic. However Carplay is missing and this is unfortunately pushing the loyal customers like me to look for other options and products.TOM TOM will loose its position in this sector if it does not update itself meaningfully. All drivers in Switzerland who utilizes TOM TOM GO share this opinion. Please TOM TOM Carplay!
  • Review

    By Chunnie and the mable
    Google sure does have Tom Tom by the balls when it comes to speak to text. When I’m driving I don’t have time to be putting an address in my gps but with google maps I just tell it where I wanna go and hit start 99 percent accurate Tom Tom you need to wake up and produce a better product and best yet Google maps is free
  • TomTom no go

    By Magnet61
    I tried to really like this app, thought it would be great.. It was for a short time. Traffic reporting was great. Then problems started. Support chat and email was excellent. I was told to uninstall and re install the app which I did.. Fixed for a few days. Then when I needed it for a trip, it couldn’t find the gps signal... then when it did it would not stay connected. Bottom line is I’m not paying for a subscription to an app that fails when you need it most. I would recommend looking else where. Way to many bugs for a pay as you go app. Update.. it gets worse.. I set it up for a 41/2 hr Route that I know and have used google maps for.. The route was calculated at 11hrs 40 min.. Glad I didn’t take it!! Junk don’t bother! Update*********** I must be nuts but I decided to give it the old college try one more time. Huge mistake! First, i had sent in a map correction in my local area which according to Tom Tom was corrected. Guess what? took that route today... the map is still incorrect. The biggest problem of all? It will not hold a gps signal. I communicated with support twice, they tried but no good. Running the latest version 12.1.2.for iphone. If you search for this issue you will see that many iphone users have the same issue. While google maps, apple maps, have no problem this app constantly searches and looses the gps signal. I should have listened to myself. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!! you will be wasting your time.
  • Good, but one thing for improvement

    By Joe Sylvia
    I like every thing about the app. The price for unlimited miles is excellent, traffic is free, the voices are nice, and the voices are awesome. The only thing that I think can be improved is the play route preview. I think it is a good thing that the play route preview is available, but I think it should be available to use from wherever the user starts their navigation point, as well as from their current location, rather than just from their current location. Other than that, this app is amazing!
  • Best for Traffic

    By Boston Fan
    Tom-tom is a giant navigation. I’ve used it in United States and Europe end it is truly awesome when you go to Europe.And this is a great app it’s taken long time for them to get out some bugs but it’s amazing for traffic. Thank you Tom Tom for continuing to work on the app. Some people expect to be given everything free. The app is worth the subscription.Some of us appreciate your efforts.
  • I'm done

    By T0x15e
    In all the time since the old TomTom app was abandoned, there still haven't been any major improvements here. I still have ~3 months left on the free nav they gave owners of the old app but there are so many better options there's no point riding it out any longer. Address and point of interest searching is still needlessly complicated (why are they even separate?) and the ui is still slow and awkward enough that I miss turns regularly. This is truly an app stuck in the dark ages of dedicated hardware nav and I'm moving on. Old review follows: The new graphics engine is nice. That's the only positive thing I can say about this. The new subscription model is a terrible idea. With the old app I could pay once and use the maps and routing as much as I wanted and pay for traffic on the occasions when I wanted it. The traffic routing is so ineffective as to be pointless. The maps, directions, and coordinates don't match up. The directions frequently end a block or more away from my actual destination. In a dense city, that makes them worthless. I have to switch to my built-in maps app to get the last few blocks. The "near me" search area is always too small. If I want to search anywhere in my own city, I have to enter the city name first, which is a huge pain. Finally, it constantly directs me to do dangerous or illegal things. Things like illegal turns and trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic and a median to make a left turn coming off the interstate. Naturally, tomtom has been unresponsive to reports about their broken maps and dangerous directions. I'm done with these guys. It's been a good run but it's obvious that quality has tanked and won't be improving any time soon.
  • Helped me many times.

    By Aksbel
    Tested by time. Reliable traffic info and red light cameras. I use it every day. Would be nice to have a quick excess to the most used features from the navigation screen. Plus starting time takes way to much time. Update: Hey guys, while you’re catching up with a carplay can you also make small addition. I have a big list in My Places, I don’t want to go every time through my list, what I want is to have a shortcut to 5-10 favorites that I can quickly access from the main menu. Recent destination is not quite what I want. The list there is getting long to.
  • Liked

    By C-H-J
    The app have lot of good things . I just like this app and my gps get connected and get unlimited miles since I have a actual gps . That would be nice.
  • Worst ever

    By TheMacDaddy
    The good thing is that it’s graphically very slick and not silly like other GPS apps. But the bad is the navigation itself. Particularly over highways. It doesn’t announce highway names or numbers most of the time. You have to look at the screen to get the exact direction. Also, while on a highway and being directed to exit, it once it told me to exit at a weird street name when the exit is actually called something else (it said “exit 19, Warlow st” when the exit is actually some other name, and boulevard, not street. ). Sometimes it names the highway. Sometimes it just says the highway number (“i123”) rather than the name. Sometimes (most times) it just says “freeway”, not the highway name OR number. It never ever says exactly what’s on the actual road signs. There is no reconciliation between what signs you see on the road and what you hear from the GPS. Very disorienting. I’ve been using this app to navigate me to places I already know how to get to, just to test it out. If I didn’t already know where I was going, this app would confuse me and get me lost. (UPDATE: The app has since disoriented me and gotten me lost while going to a place That I didn’t know how to get to on my own, since I first wrote this review ) The navigation is really bad. Also while the app is visually slick it’s confusing to interface with during a trip. Oh and also there are no voice alerts when it alerts you of a traffic camera or anything else. Just an audible blip. You have to look at the screen to see what it’s alerting you to, because there’s no voice alert. And you have to look at the screen to see what highway to take also. It’s like the developer doesn’t realize drivers need to watch the road and not have to look at their GPS screen. I can’t believe this was made by TomTom. It seems like it was made by an amateur GPS company rather than by an old staple like TomTom. This app looks beautiful but functions very badly.