Ah! The lake monster by 多纳

Ah! The lake monster by 多纳

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“Ah! The lake monster” It belongs to the category of personality training. In this story, the lake monster always picks up everything which is dropped into the Juice Lake and gives it back to his friends. Then he received many presents from his friends as rewards. Children will learn from the story that a small favor will help others a lot and a small present will bring great happiness. There is no boring moralizing in the picture stories. They are all from kids’ life or those that arouse their interests. Personality will influence not only the kids’ daily performance but also their behavior and social ability. Hospitality, kindness, and solicitude are the key qualities to build a good personality, as well as the positive energy for kids. Wechat:Koolearn_Donut QQ group:321173290 Email: donut@koolearn-inc.com Radio station: 新东方多纳双语电台(喜马拉雅) Welcome for contact and suggestion! All we do is to provide better products for kids!