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  • The game is awesome!!

    By Romain the dairing seeker
    The game is awesome! but bringing back the fast and furious cars would make it 10x better!!!
  • I want my money back

    By fooglies
    I want my money back
  • Camaro zl1 1le

    By Bugs n crashin
    Can you add the camaro zl1 1le event on csr 2
  • Pay to win

    By vince0175-
    The game is just another race game that is a pay to win only way to get good and rare cars is to spend half a year trying to race through events to get a chance at getting a super good car or to fork out money just to get a good car to be able to compete with other people if you don’t spend money on the game no matter how good your car is you will always lose online races it’s the most blatant and broken online system ever I spent almost 2 months grinding to be able to get a car and then I put over 2 million worth of silver into it to upgrade it and get it to stage six but just because someone decided to spend money to buy a car their car that they spent two seconds getting is automatically better than any car I have in my garage no matter the rarity no matter if it’s a legendary an elite or a four-star rare imports car none of my cars can beat someone’s car if they paid money for it it doesn’t matter how much you grind how much work you put in you will always lose to people who spend money on the game it is the most broken pay to win game I have ever seen all the best cars or even any good car in the game is blocked by a pay a win wall
  • Fun and amazing game

    By Cj06wild
    Game is very fun lots of cars to choose from first car is free
  • 5 star

    By .,?!$(;/&(::;@;586/
    Love it.
  • Enough Currencies $$

    By daniel boom
    CSR 2 already has over 10 different currencies and still adding some new ticket thing. Every currency added only dilutes the value of your game assets. The price of this mobile game should be criminal, very poor value for $$$.
  • Crooks

    By Run4god💯
    Don’t waste your time and money on this game. You will get banned and lose all cars for no reason at all. The game glitches and takes long time to load a race.
  • Love it but it is missing a classic

    By fortnite hater steve
    I love the game and all but one thing bothers me, you got the new Supra but what about the JDM legend MK4 Supra? If you could add this I would love this and I bar many others would too!
  • Don’t download too many cheating AI

    By 123589999521170073239042
    You’ll do good at first then you’ll lose all your money to AI. Don’t recommend