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  • I figured out how to get out of the subscription trap

    By Cxxkfdvmhd
    I gave it one star because I signed up for the FIXD premium trial when I first ordered it and I had premium for free for two weeks. I set a reminder to cancel it before it charge me, but there was no way to cancel it. i’ve been reading reviews to try to figure out if other people had a similar problem or found a solution, and there were many people with the same problem, but I did not see any solution. luckily I was so broke that the 100$ charge didn’t go through so I didn’t lose money lol. finally, I went on the app and called the customer support and the automated response thingy told me to go to to cancel it and after doing this, I received a confirmation email with the cancellation, so I’m hoping this worked.
  • Unauthorized renewal

    By Yzaguirre2
    I was charged $100 for a year’s renewal that I had canceled. The company will not issue a refund. Even when told them right away about the unauthorized charge. and now through emails they are asking me “do I still want to cancel.” I said yes I do. Again. They better not charge me $100 again next year. But what can you do???? Cancel my debit card I guess. I'm Very unhappy and Dsatisfied with the Fixd people. I've used the gadget and app once since it was purchased.
  • Best thing I needed so far!!

    By Goodie2shoes77
    Don’t got to worry about fixing 30 different things. This tells you exactly what’s wrong.
  • accuracy

    By Derpsawesome101
    my car friend is v wary of this scanner i got on sale for dirt cheap, but it diagnosed my last car’s basically blown head gasket perfectly and i have 3 codes going rn, compared it to the codes i got at an o’reilley and it was spot on. this lil piece of plastic is SURPRISINGLY accurate and VERY helpful.
  • Awful

    By bwalkup1
    What a waste of money. My car will die and this useless device says “no problems detected”. I had one oxygen sensors off and it didn’t even pickup an oxygen sensor was missing. Don’t waste your money. Weeks later. After buying this junk, now they try to bill me again but this time it’s for $99.00. What a scam these jerks are. Why are you billing me $99.00?
  • Seriously?

    By J Kline4
    I bought the product about a month ago from instagram because I wanted an easy way to rid problems of my first car when I get one. Before I had the chance to even make an account they charged me $100 for a subscription I never applied for. They are a scam!
  • Best to date..

    By xXIDadIXx
    I bought this item when it first launched many years ago fr half the price it is now, And id pay way more for it now, it works flawlessly with all my vehicles and has no issues clearing the check engne light as well, has saved me alot in costs being able to scan vehicle before purchase, also to double check the mechanic fixed what he said he did, this is worth every penny, you dont have one your losing money bet on that.
  • Purchase feedback

    By RNAbalos
    I just bought this for $21.54 including tax but there’s also an annual fee for $99.00 that was charged. It will be automatically charged every year.
  • Ugh. Do not buy

    By Ray akamuri
    This app works but when you try to cancel after trying the free trial period, it’s virtually impossible to cancel. I had to dig through the technical support to find a link to copy and paste in a web browser and guess what, it’s an expired link. No Bueno. Then it automatically defaults to a yearly payment.
  • Garbage

    By valesparza
    Sensor never worked and then they have the audacity to charge me $100 two years after I used their premium trial with no direct way to cancel their subscription from the app. I’m sorry people, but this is not how you run a business.