Seven Knights

Seven Knights

By Netmarble Corporation

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-10-14
  • Current Version: 7.5.00
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 131.44 MB
  • Developer: Netmarble Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.26149
From 1,893 Ratings


Experience a visually-striking RPG like you’ve never seen before! We invite you to the world of Seven Knights Global. - PvP matches that keep you on your toes! Fierce battles with lively tactics where you can fight with players from all over the world! Your unique tactics and heroes will lead to victory. - Guild System Make your guild rich and famous with your guild members! Join the fierce Guild vs. Guild battles, Castle Rush, Siege Defense, and Guild Raids! - Extraordinary graphics! Fantastic graphics that go above-and-beyond the limits of mobile games! Splendid and mind-blowing skill effects for 100+ heroes. - Experience special content that is unique to Seven Knights Global ▶ [Strategic Play]: You can synthesize your own deck with various Heroes, Pets, and Items! ▶ [Guild Content]: Building your Guild Castle, and playing Castle Rush, Guild War, Guild Dungeon, Siege Defense and Guild Raid! ▶ [Story]: A Massive story unfolds in the world of Seven Knights! ▶ [Mythical Awakening]: Discover the Mythical Awakening that can change the result of your battles! ▶ [Specialized UI]: Play endless strategies without difficulty using easy controls! ▶ [Heavenly Stairs]: Combine different heroes every day to attack! ▶ More content awaits you! *Official Seven Knights Global Website - Forum (*Official Community) - Facebook - Youtube - Instagram *Game Specifications and Permissions - Minimum Spec: [AOS]4.1 or higher / [iOS] 9.0 or higher - Recommended Spec: [AOS]6.0 or higher / [iOS] 9.0 or higher * Please note! Seven Knights is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's setting. *Terms of Use and Privacy Policy This game offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings. By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. - Terms of Service: - Privacy Policy: *Permissions ▶ Required Permissions - Storage Space: Required to install app and save data. Mobile status and ID Required for creating and checking account. ▶ How to Disable Permissions - Operating System 6.0 or higher: Settings > Application Manager > Select App > Permissions > Disable Permissions - Operating System 6.0 or below: Disable Permissions by deleting Application



  • Game is Dead

    By VKooki3
    The game in my opinion has now died. There is 0 new content other than new characters. New characters completely reduce older characters’ effectiveness. Only about 20 characters are viable in arena, the rest are completely useless or outdated. They stopped being generous with logins, they stopped reworking/buffing/nerfing characters that need it, and they stopped making costumes. Game is dead.
  • I love this game

    By luckygif
    I love the fighting and characters design and details which is why giving you guys 5 stars 👍⭐️ ( Also do you know where’s Eve because I can’t seem to find her in the card packs and where to select and get her so if you could tell me, I’d appreciate it) Thank you
  • Haha dead game

    By Goodiegoodiesmiley
    This game deserves to die
  • Frustrating Syncing

    By MarmaladeOrange
    I have never written a review, but I had to now with how terribly INFURIATING this is. I have attempting to sync my IPad data to my IPhone for the past 6 HOURS. This is god awful. It refuses to sync my data with Apple ID and instead syncs a new level 1 account I made while trying to sync and even worse, it doesn’t allow me to sync over the level 1 account. I either get the level 1 account or nothing. Is that what syncing is? Answer; no it’s not. I tried Facebook too and it just refuses to sync even though it says it’s connected so that’s great and god forbid I use the email sync. I tried to but it’s telling me to log into a Netmarble account I don’t have. There’s no sign up option. This is a mess. Most games have an User IUD and/or verification from the old device, but nope not this game. And I’m definitely either syncing my stuff or giving up this game in general since I rather not waste 3 more years for this game. It’s so infuriating and I want to just give up. Any online advice is useless and 3 years old. Please, if you read this review (which I assume is unlikely) just add a godforsaken easier syncing option. I shouldn’t have to solve rocket science to transfer data.
  • Let’s talk debuffs

    By Zakts420
    There are a lot of neat debuffs in the game, so much so that you can really build a party around them and crank out CC, DOT, or literally kill an entire team with a couple of stacks of another. However, if you’re thinking of pursuing anything but raw damage, you’re in for a disappointing experience considering that only 2 game modes - Campaign and Arena (maybe Guild War too) - allow debuffs. It’s worse considering that there’s a decent amount of PVE content to work through; Guild Rush, Guild Raid, 3 item (gear, accessory, gem) raids, 3 daily dungeons (gold, rank up material, gear), event dungeons (usually 3 at a time), Heavenly Stairs (not like classic “endless” tower at all), and there’s even a world boss type mode where you can’t use any of your character’s skills. You literally have abilities that improve the effectiveness of burn, bleed, poison, and increased damage against stunned and frozen enemies...but you can’t use any of this. Mind you, over 34 out of 44 of the end game “mythical awakened” characters have at least one debuff skill...that’s over 3/4 of these characters. Maybe my memory fails me, but I seem to remember there was more content too, or perhaps it was reworked (which if that’s the case, it’s worse than before). Honestly, the game is mediocre at best. You’ll get a lot of free boosts to get your account up to snuff with some of the long timers, but the content simply isn’t there...or if it is, it’s debuff immune.
  • loading screen

    By shootah1
    it’s simply stuck on a loading screen just showing images that’s it nothing else
  • The new update

    By Seojun_
    I love this game I spend most of my time on it but I recently redownloaded it and now I can’t sign in. I have my email link to it but I’m this new version it seems I have to have a netmarble acc. I really don’t want to start all over a simple issue with a login.
  • Adventure Bug

    By ESAMPLE334
    Can’t progress past 8-20 even though all stages prior as well as 8-20 have been cleared…..
  • Error Disconnected from Server

    By kirishimasssss
    I just started to play the game again after a few years and it says Disconnected from the Server on the updating screen 19/29. Please fix because on top of this problem I have to figure out my old account. Thank You
  • Banned?

    By Poutyrhyme
    I used to love playing this game constantly and it took up too much space so I temporarily deleted the game, I had this on and off thing where I would download play give up the space and download when I had space again, but now every time I even try to play the game I am just “disconnected from server” as soon as I put in my account information. I don’t know if I was banned for any reason but to not know what is going on is pretty aggravating.