MeetMindful - Online Dating

MeetMindful - Online Dating

By MeetMindful

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-06-06
  • Current Version: 1.23.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 36.72 MB
  • Developer: MeetMindful
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
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We believe intimate, nourishing connections lead to a more fulfilling and healthy life. Spark meaningful connections every day with MeetMindful. We’re not just a conscious dating app, we’re the relationship app for mindful people who want to live their happiest, healthiest lives through personal growth, mindfulness practices, healthy living, and conscious communication. Whether you’re ready for genuine partnership or you’re more interested in taking it slow and meeting like-minded friends to grab coffee or hike with on the weekend, you’re in the right place. *Skip the Scan & Swipe* Get to know up to 10 potential matches daily with profiles featuring thoughtful questions like, “How does personal development show up in your life?” and “What are you most passionate about?” *Get Personal* Find someone who strikes your fancy? Ask them for more detail with a single click, or chat for free if the interest is mutual. Chatting with your matches is always free, so if you like a member, and they like you, it’s on! *Take it to the Next Level with Premium Membership* Seeking something more? Premium members enjoy unlimited daily profiles and likes, and they can see who’s liked their profile. With premium membership, you can chat with anyone on site, even if they haven’t noticed and liked your profile yet. You’ll have access to advanced matching filters, priority support, and more when you upgrade to premium membership. Our promise to you: We are committed to monitoring our community for spam or fake accounts, and we never rely on distracting ads or shady privacy policies. We are here to help you make the connections you deserve, not sell your data. Please visit our Help Center, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use pages for more information: Help Center: Privacy Policy: Terms: Premium memberships are available as one-, three-, six-, and 12-month automatically renewing subscriptions. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account when you confirm your purchase, and your subscription automatically renews unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 48 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal at the same price within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. *To disable auto-renewal at any time, visit your Apple ID subscription settings after purchase.



  • Good product, horrible app

    By OC Professor
    I’m writing a year later, amazed that the developers won’t fix this buggy app. So frustrating.
  • Out of Integrity

    By Crepuscular Bodie
    I read the reviews but decided to download anyway, hoping the the developers had addressed the issues that they’d intoned they would in their developer responses. But no. It’s a *real shame* because there is a need for an app for people who want to date and meet more mindfully. Sigh. I’ve been on MM for one week. I’ve liked 4 people and 48 have liked me. But I have zero matches. I live in Portland OR. For context, on other dating apps I get 100+ people liking my profile on the first day of joining, so I can’t believe that my lack of matches on MM is due to my profile. Like other reviewers have said, MM is not showing my profile to the people I have liked and vice versa. (We can see the photos of the most recent person who liked us, and none of them have shown up in my matches.) I pay for Hinge, which is $30 for 6 months or $20 for 3 months, so I wouldn’t be averse to paying for MM if: a) it were not so expensive compared to other dating apps (which incidentally also have more users), and b) if I didn’t think MM were out of integrity by advertising that matches are possible when both people are free users, when that hasn’t been my (and others’) experience, and by deliberately designing the algorithm to NOT match free users with each other. The most disappointing aspect of all this is that, as more people read these reviews and have the same experience as other reviewers and myself, the app will ultimately fail. It doesn’t take an MBA to understand how to fix it, but maybe the developer’s investors are too short-sighted. All MM needs to do to fix it (if it’s not too late) is to follow through on its agreements. (Read Don Miguel Ruiz.) Show free users profiles of other free users who have liked them and actually facilitate matching. Add value for paying customers by adding features (as you already do, by seeing all your likes and the ability to message anyone)—not for the basic dating app functionality of matching. Bring the cost in line with competitors, compensating for the initial small number of users (i.e., cost should be lower than bumble, until/unless you exceed their user base). Voilà. Problems fixed. The culture is in a moment of waking up, and an app like MM could have become woke people’s antidote to Tinder. Ironically, greed has clouded MM’s original vision. “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar MM is trying to take before it gives. This opens the door for a more enlightened dating app developer to fill the niche, which is unfortunate for MM because it’s clear how much time and thought went into its development. Investors: pull out now, while you still can.
  • Worked for us

    By F.Dude
    The most notable aspect of this app is that if you have a defined spiritual path and want to meet someone similarly situated, this works. It worked for us. It was very simple: My wife, a Japanese Buddhist, searched for Buddhist men who were serious about the path. She contacted me - American yogi Bujew- and the rest is a sweet, infinitely unfolding story. Is it a coincidence that mindfulness is the central aspect of Buddhism?
  • Found the love of my life!

    By MattGuccu
    I was on this app for about a year. This past December, I matched with the love of my life. Now I’m not saying this will work for everyone cuz it definitely took time to find each other. This app is definitely more personal and gives more information on potential partners than tinder or bumble. We’ve been dating for 2 months now & I can’t believe I get to wake up with the love of my life. Thank you MeetMindful! 🙏🏼
  • Beautiful and Unaffordable

    By Mystic Mathias
    This is one of the nicest apps I’ve used for meeting people. It also has the highest subscription price I’ve ever seen. As well as some confining limitations for basic accounts. This app is different from others by asking mindful questions and prioritizing holistic matchmaking. In other words “text”. They are charging a premium for different “text”.
  • Terrible!

    By DaniTso
    This dating app is terrible. The people on it are not mindful at all. And they’re the same people every week. On top of it, they have the misleading and subversive policy to auto renew the membership. So, I wasn’t even aware i was being charged until I looked at my bank statement. Now I’m being charged for 2 months I didn’t use. And there is no customer service phone or e-mail. If the developers are reading this, please contact me because I would appreciate a refund.
  • Don’t waste you money or your time!

    By looking for my guy
    Worse dating site ever. They tantalize you with possible matches but once you sign up and pay the matches they entice you with are fake and then they send you no matches. Criminals!
  • Free version too limited

    By arianalinda
    I appreciate advanced services for a price. I’ll likely upgrade but when the timing is right. Keeping the free version without the ability to message feels predatory and out of alignment with a stated altruistic desire to help mindful people meet. I keep getting all these likes but can’t see them. And I don’t seem to be matching perhaps because i am not being shown their profiles or at least timely? I suggest make it so that those who like get served in that matches dailies as a priority. That would be more in alignment with your mission.
  • Give people what they want

    By rtranter22
    From a UX designer's perspective. This app feels "difficult" to use because everything the user wants is not accessible to them, and the app ends up not really solving the problem it intends to. Why? Instead of anticipating their basic needs, this app fights against the user's needs by pushing their agenda to pay for basic features. The user then feels manipulated and frustrated, and this gets reinforced over and over again, building a negative relationship with the app. Not good! I would also say that the developers are being too rigid about their pay philosophy and end up ignoring new ideas that don't fit that philosophy. At what expense? Are there consequences to that choice that impact the app's popularity, or ability to thrive and build momentum and gain a following? Does that in turn affect the bottom line for funding the team and better functionality? Questions worth checking out. (A great app's user journey is so natural it isn't even felt by the user - it anticipates their needs and makes design and functionality decisions that align with that.) The pay structure philosophy goes in direct opposition to the average user's primary goals, which is why so many keep bringing that up as a point of frustration. While I get it in theory, it's worth considering what the consequences are to this decision and evaluating if it's really in anybody's favor to do that. Seems to me like this choice alone may be bottlenecking an already-limited niche user base and cutting its legs off right out the gate. This is probably going to be felt most in areas where the mindful lifestyle is still catching on or in less populated areas. It also alienates the user who just won't pay for dating apps on principle. They need to be considered and engaged in some way too. If users in a bottleneck area end up paying for premium, and they can't find who they're looking for, they feel like their money was wasted, they don't tell their friends, word of mouth suffers, the app loses traction where it could have been gaining. It also becomes less likely for the average user to have a satisfying experience with it. Suggestions: - consider removing the paywall until you have more users to justify the cost to the user - offer other ways to get past the wall that furthers your business goals in a way that doesn't dead end the user experience so dramatically - get crowdfunding to fix the bugs and fund the team until the user base is large enough to pay to support it - hire a UX person to help reimagine the user journey, strategy and implementation (crowdfunding, intern or professional volunteer) - this question a UX professor asked me once: "A good app advertises itself. What are you going to build into your app experience to get people to share it and bring in new users?" (build in a way for people to naturally share your app as an essential part of an average user journey - so many ways to do this that still aligns with your mission) - unlock basic features - relaunch a new version by invite only with lots of hype time to generate a diverse, well populated crowd (crowdfunding is great for that too) - partner with similar-mission companies with a similar user base - look at what the average user is used to from other apps to and commit to meeting or exceeding those expectations as a non-negotiable standard for success - design a user journey to deliver the maximum value possible based on their goals - basically, basic features should not be limited; browse should not be held hostage by the team's need to get paid. those are separate issues that can be solved with creativity - think about funding and functionality as standalone issues - look for other ways to solve the intentionality problem beyond pay walls (not all users will want to pay; not all users who don't pay are not intentional in their search. look for ways for all to have a satisfying experience) - instead of spending money on ads, keep the money to fund a promo, or try giving each user incentives to share the app with conscious friends for a free month if somebody signs up - do a promo for 3 months for 99 cents of premium like Spotify - entice free users to pay something I feel that this app has a ton of potential. It's a refreshing concept. It's a great beginning to a solution of a problem with great opportunity. I want it to succeed. The current methods are really limiting it from taking off. The reviews here are a great testament to that. It's hard creating something unconventional and getting negative feedback. I think your team really cares and it seems they're working hard to stay kind and understanding in the face of all that. I can appreciate that and respect it. But if the user's perspective matters, the frustration is also valid and worthy of more serious attention and serious resolution. I hope to see this become wildly successful! Hats off to all your dedication and efforts so far - keep going!
  • Promising but immature

    By AppyAriana
    The app itself is great. Based on the questions and format of the app I feel like my profile on meet mindful is extremely deep and reflective about who I am. However...there’s not a lot of people on this app. And there are a noticeable amount of blank profiles. I’m a free user and I’ve matched with other free users but in order for us to know one of us us liked the other, one of has to be a paying user. So the app is a bit exploitative of that. Supposedly I try to message each person I’ve liked to find the person who’s liked me back but I would have to try and message EVERY single person I’ve liked, get the ‘no they haven’t liked you modal’ and eventually find the person who has liked me back..... The payment plan is way too expensive and in short is exploitative. I should pay for advanced features. The ability to know who’s liked me and message them is not an advanced feature.