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  • Total Scam

    By EliYahu7777777
    Stay away from this game, they ask for thousands of dollars to seriously play. They also have employees who attack their customers to get them to spend more (economic drivers).
  • false advertisement

    By Crisman546
    the game is nothing like the ads i see false advertisement.
  • One of the greatest games ever!

    By V2Cubed
    5 stars! Nothing but the best for the best!
  • No se le entiende ni madres jaja

    By Tomachuy
    Ni se le entiende lo que quiere el juego
  • !!!Great Game!!!

    By DrFuntimes1
    Just all around fun to pass the time and feel good about yourself
  • Love the Game a lot, buuuut....

    By Gameing 4 lyfe
    More or less ive dumped hours into this game daily for the past week or so and put a bit of money into it, but nothing crazy. Its a super fun game and i really just have quality of life complaints. 1. Clan announcements take for ever to delete because you cant just delete the previous message (unless the patched and i didnt notice cuz i stopped using it) 2. Burning territories takes, way, too, long. My clan is rank 3 in the server and it will take literal hours of attacking to burn a base 1/100th of our individual power. 3. Sometimes the event interface can be a bit overwhelming and a feature where you can star the event your working on would be amazing. 4. Some of the events are based on "city local time" but theres not really a way to check the current city time as far as im aware. Overall great game, 10/10 game with some minor improvments
  • Not bad

    By 1x9x7x17x187x98x199x
    I’ve been playing this for a few months, m17 almost m18, just reached 1M power, it’s ok. With these kinds of games you have to spend a lot of real life money to get any decent crew, gold vigilantes, gear, etc. It is still possible to play for free but it will take much longer to get anything and you will be at a disadvantage against clans/players with millions of power and tons of troops so make sure you protect yourself during KEs to not become a rich player’s farm.
  • Mafia city scam

    By Quincy1987
    They go in game events, give out rewards and deduct them back once it’s over. Which will leave your account negative so you won’t be Able to upgrade, or work on stats. They are thieves!
  • They’re not a fair company

    By Caliyex
    They steal from players because of their own bugs they have in their game. They favor big spenders over everyone else, and the game is just too expensive if you’re not a huge spender you will not win anything or will be more difficult to win.
  • Was a paying customer

    By Kosmoweh
    They need to quit apologizing and fix the problem don’t waste your money it’s a scam