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Barry's US

By Mariana Tek Corporation

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The official App of Barry’s. Download the App today to find and book your Barry’s classes. From the App you can view studio locations and class schedules, review existing reservations, buy classes, order shakes from the Fuel Bar, manage your account, and more. Find a studio near you, where you can work (out) hard, get results, and have fun. (And oh, by the way, this high intensity work out has been known to burn up to 1,000 calories in one class.) Discover more about Barry's @barrysbootcamp on instagram



  • Big Barry’s Fan

    By Noalita
    Love the workouts and love that I can book them easily and check in through the app.
  • Thank you!

    By adeyonker
    The ease of use of this app makes it really hard to stall a decision to work out. It also makes it super easy to follow through on a fleeting impulse to work out.
  • Great App!

    By kmholman02
    Of course the "Best workout in the world" has one of the best apps in the fitness industry! I love working out at Barrys, and the app does exactly what it is meant to do. The ONLY thing I would like to see change is the ability to sync with Apple Calendar, otherwise its perfect.
  • Makes booking SO easy

    By Valentinekid
    Shoutout Barry’s South Bay
  • One Critical Feature Missing

    By Think.four
    This app is by far one of the smoothest fitness apps I’ve used. It’s simple, straight forward and gets the job done. HOWEVER!! Why are we not able to change our Red Room spots after choosing one without having to cancel the entire class and rebooking. This becomes a pain when it’s past the 12 hour cancelation window because I don’t want to to cancel I just want to switch spots from Tread to Double Floor sometimes at last minute and can’t. Please add this feature! Not only would it help your clients out and allow us to make the changes but your staff would also be more available for studio support vs being on the phone taking calls to switch peoples spots. I’m sure this happens a lot.
  • So much easier!

    By J.Cook266
    This app is so much easier to use than the PC version. Seriously, I’ve been wanting this for years! Also, I’m about to travel abroad and you have a Barry’s at the same location of my destination. I saw this ahead of time so now I’m going to plan out my vacation and workout regime!! This is a Dream app and fitness class combo. I am so happy...that’s why I’m taking the time to write this review right now! Thank you! P.s.- I lost 40lbs with Barry’s! :D
  • Account tab has a bug

    By ajfnfkdy
    Barry’s is great but this app has a bug - the account page won’t load and I can’t see my profile info. Please fix!
  • Classes won’t list

    By Biblio Beaumont
    I’m having the same problems others have had: class listings won’t show up no matter how many times I delete and redownload. No one at the desk can help and customer support never writes back.
  • App doesn’t show any classes

    By bis1229
    No way to book through the app because the calendar never shows any classes — fix this!!!
  • Big/Erroe

    By ccrumbbss
    Can’t view any classes. It’s so frustrating as I just bought a few passes and can’t book through the app. Pls fix.