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  • Charging me twic efore a purchase I already got

    By ghfhdjfudifufhfhgghugg
    Hi this s syptupidmi know I bought the premium purchase to uncork evething and it’s charging me 5 dollars agin can you fix this and give me the purchase free and fix the bug so ppl don’t have to re Pay fore that purchase multable times in a row.

    By AntFans
    I love watching the channel “Gojzer” shred stuff and I wanted to see if there was a shredding game I could play. This was the first game that came and at first, it was promising. But oh boy, I was wrong. I downloaded the game and it started with a short tutorial and that was pretty much the only good part of this game. I am then shown the “levels” and you have to endlessly throw the same objects inside a shredder over and over to slowly get coins to “buy” the next level. It got repetitive quickly and the graphics weren’t the best. And this is the worst part. If you want to get all the levels without shredding the same objects over and over, then you would have to play a whole different game and beat the first 32 levels in it. This game is a cheap knock-off of the helix ball game or whatever it’s called. OF COURSE it starts of easy, but after that, it turns into a complicated time consumer and rage-quit fest. This is called fraud and this game should be shut down because this is ridiculous. Why advertise a game that the only non-time-consuming way to get all of the stuff in it doesn’t even exist. And this is why this game is a BIG FAT SCAM!
  • Landon

    By Thank you for showing me
    So satisfying
  • I rate a 555555555

    By flygirld8
    It’s a good game and it’s satisfying
  • Amazing

    By Atruss2
    Super satisfying and chill. Very stress relieving.
  • I like this game

    By LuvGabby
    This game is cool and satisfying ! Great game !
  • Good. But some questions

    By Lucy Salari
    I love this app! On day one I said to my mom “I could do this all day!” But I wanna know, where did the ball drop come from? I just think it’s kinda random. But it’s great and you should download it.
  • Shredding simulator

    I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Game is pay to win

    By matty36749
    The game requires you to pay real money to use the garage and backyard shredders no matter how high your level is.
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    By Jhughuughhuhjk it
    it looks like it’s fun, but it’s not. at all. don’t bother.