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  • Animals

    By mieso kim
    Hello people at miHoYo. I see there are dogs and cats in the game, BUT NO WAY TO PET THEM?? It would be very nice to add this feature, show support for the dogs and cats too! I get it if you guys are doing something else, but in the future, could you guys add this feature? Thanks!
  • Please bring Klee banner back

    By keke40315
    So I know it’s not much to say but please bring klee banner back it would be great thanks 🙏🏼
  • Wow

    By bdhfjfkrbfbgfjhdhdg
    Wow this game is so amazing so cool

    By aether76
    Lemme start of by saying I freaking love this game it’s caught my attention for a while and I can not stop playing it . There’s up and downs like any other game though 1. First starters there’s so much potential for co-op and it did not deliver my friends and I were a little disappointed friends couldn’t actively open chest together and do quest together ,only domains essentially your friends are there to help the host lvl up but why not have all the players be able to have more Liberty 2. The game runs smoothly when it wants to I’ve already have had 3 friends I recommend this game to have trouble with lag ,the game not loading the world in ,the game crashing /so I suggest an option for graphic settings Overall the plot is great ,the settings and atmosphere immaculate (when it loads ) I don’t have any consoles and I wanted to play breathe of the wild so bad and you ended up bringing me something better !!
  • Best mobile game I’ve ever played

    By Gtq1996
    I’m a simple man, you give me cute girls, I give you my money and good reviews.
  • Awesome game

    By KellykelD714
    Great graphics, and looks beautiful on the iPad pro
  • Obsessed

    By really annoyed with this app
    ADDICTED TO THIS GAME IT IS MY LIFE! I can’t wait for 1.3 :D
  • So amazing!! ❤️

    By emmariders
    I’ve always been into adventuring, and anime, and all that stuff but this game took it to another level it’s so wonderful I really love it! I recommend it to everyone. That’s how good it is! And I’ve been having so much fun playing it.
  • Just wow

    By Bluesilverwind
    for a game on a phone i am amazed. I love that I can also play it on console or on my pc as well
  • Make it more easier

    By TakiyahDavis1
    It’s to hard make it more easier to do task please