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  • This is my fav app a few problems

    By lovely Garretts
    This my fav app tho my problem is that its hard to get new characters and primo gems its also hard to ascend the characters and ur adventure rank thats basically it!
  • Game is too large.

    By .Z_._C.
    I have freed up enough storage for this game; I even deleted tones of pictures and unwanted apps and yet, it says it still need more storage 💀. How big is this game?!
  • О

    By Егор Афонин
  • filler

    By Łłämâ
    im free to play, and its very hard to do anything and get any characters. i can never get the ones i want. y’all should optimize it for my benefit 🪻😔🦖
  • Confused Identity

    By BenneeBee
    This game doesn’t know whether it wants to be a Gatcha game, an online interactive game via external web events, or a single-player RPG. It doesn’t make a good hybrid out of any of these paths because Hoyoverse is constantly stretching in different direction. For example, why splinter and fragment both storytelling and collectible opportunities into multiple events outside the game? This issue as a whole doesn’t too heavily affect current players. But for returning players, I frankly have no interest in anything that’s coming out for Genshin. Somehow, I fondly remember being enraptured by the Liyue and Monstadt areas. But, upon returning, I’m plopped into in-game quests with no context whatsoever. I have quests in Fontaine despite never having visited the region, even if the quest description says I have. I’m barraged by a multitude of web events also out of context. Frankly, these issues aren’t novel or unique in the game industry, but Genshin’s always-online and constantly updating nature exacerbates the issue. This state of the game is disappointing for returning players, and I haven’t even gotten to the inconsistent storytelling quality, overly talkative Paimon, detached protagonist presence, etc.
  • Deserción

    By Villatoro09
    Muy bueno el juego lo malo son los banners sino llegas hasta el asegurado 90 deseos no te los dan a los personajes 5⭐️
  • takes up wayyy too much space

    By avaa💗
    I downloaded this game just to play every once in while like when i’m bored and just need something to play. I have a fair amount of open space in my phone, not too many photos, or apps, but when i downloaded the game, it asked me to free up space. Yeah, sure, okay, makes sense because this game isn’t exactly for mobile. But LORD HAVE MERCY, this game was asking me to throw away my whole LIFE for space on my phone for me to even be able to play the game. Also, I get it, the game is basically endless, but god. But, when i did have space, I actually played the game and enjoyed the storyline and everything. A very satisfying game, but, this game asks for a LOT of attention if i need to throw away everything else just to play it. But, if you do have space on your phone, totally, play this game. Amazing. But it might be better to just play on pc😼👍🏼
  • The storage usage

    By AnxnymXusx
    I feel it’s ok but idk why it needs that much storage. I need to delete half the stuff off my phone just to continue playing the game. I don’t feel like it’s that necessary but besides that it’s a decent game
  • Bad rewards, bad end game😣😣😣😣😣

    By FurinaMain
    Honkai star rail and Honkai impact 3rd is more generous and has better end game😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬😭😭😭😭
  • Review

    By james pontius
    I like the game and all but the file download you have to do really 32GB that’s a lot half my phone so I kinda don’t like it