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  • Frustratedly

    By lmkasper
    I do not like the game. I M stuck and can’t figure out how to move on when my board is full??
  • Overall fun

    By Celticfairie8
    My only complaint is that the producers used in the early levels just stop being used. I keep them because well they are producers. But they are just taking up space and have been for several levels. Maybe since 10 or 12.
  • Charges double for in app purchases.

    By Greateagle22
    Absolutely love this game but they charge double sometimes more when you purchase in app for gems and stuff. Will definitely be deleting the app. Super upsetting
  • Repetitive kinda boring game

    By Maralinajolita
    I liked it when I first played but now it’s giving me anxiety 😢 it’s so repetitive, energy runs out so quick then you have to pay for more energy . It’s not worth it anymore and I rather play a game that I can win real money . I spend hours a day on this game just to be rewarded a new building then have to repeat the whole process to develop another building , I don’t even read the dialogue anymore between the characters because it’s too much reading and I just don’t see the point of playing this anymore I rather take a nap then keep playing this mess.
  • Used to enjoy it

    By Narcartticca
    I enjoyed playing the game when I first started progressing too some time but you would get a responsable amount of coins when you finished a order. I am currently on level 31 and I’m not finding the enjoyment I once had. It takes entirely too long for your energy to get full. The orders aren’t paying you in the high dollar amount like it did in the first 30 levels. Upgrades cost 4000+ coins and a order is only giving me 100coins there is no progression making the game unamusing. With how long it takes your energy to recharge you are never able to finish the daily tasks on the game. The weekly and monthly quests you are able to complete hardly ever are finished for the same reason. I am overall disappointed with how this game is playing out.
  • Summer beach game

    By Ash2023s
    This game is fun for Summer
  • Travel Town Review

    By A467884884
    Amazing Game

    By Honestreviews0123
    This is a very wonderful game I just wish that it didn’t need internet but other than that this is 5 stars for me. It’s very addicting to play and I would play this all day and night if I could, lovely game.
  • I had 500 energy.. woke up with 100

    By Itsnictaylor
    There’s a glitch or something that makes you lose all your energy.. and whenever you need to makes something it gives you the least amount of it and gives you the opposite of what you want from that producer… I spent over $200 on this game. All I wish is that it was more fair. I would give it 5 stars but the unfairness is so egregious that it makes me want to delete it and not spend another dime. Borderline scam.. also I’m on level 64!!!! I should be able to hold more that 100 energy by now.. come on
  • Stuck

    By KetosisMe
    The game is very fun and keeps your mind busy, however, I can’t seem to get to the next level with the flatware. I truly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. But I keep at it.