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  • [Swipewipe] Hi developer, please check this code F463ABDF-330B-5974-A431-27DCDFBCAFD6

    By 8 99
  • Tinder but for your photos!

    By Madi169758$
    Real talk, this has been a lifesaver. I’ve saved over 30 GIGS of storage. It’s much easier to do this than go through your camera roll. It’s good for the ADHD mind. It’s awesome. 10/10 recommend. I did the trial but it was not enough time. … so I originally rated this 5 stars but the loading and $5/week is crazy to me honestly lol. It takes forever to load sometimes and the pictures will be blurry for minutes. And then it starts working again. And it’s basically $20/mo. In my opinion it’s definitely not worth that. And if you’re anything like me, I don’t have the patience or time to go through ALL of my photos in a week. If this wasn’t so expensive or had loading issues it would easily be the best app in the store right now
  • This app is the best storage saving app ever

    By Preslee Joray
    This app is the best storage saving app ever you don’t have to pay and you can delete a picture in one swipe and keep one in one swipe. This is truly magnificent. Thank you there is some as that come up, but all I gotta do is swipe and then they’re gone. thank you for this app.👍😻
  • GENUINELY rlly helpful

    By ninh :33
    ive used it before and i just deleted and redownloaded it so i can go through the pics again. and its SO easy to use!! i get. so bored with going through pictures normally. the swiping immediately releases dopamine. love it
  • Really good helps a lot

    By Swishmellow QUEEN
  • Very Motivating

    By lionlover3223
    I never would have cleaned out my camera roll without this app. Before, I was constantly getting notifications about not having enough storage. Now, I’ve deleted over 31 GB and never get notifications about it. I couldn’t believe how many pointless videos and screenshots that were taking up my storage. Also, it gives you a fun walk down memory lane with the pictures you totally forgot about but still want to keep. 10/10 would and have recommended this app!
  • finally

    i have raging adhd and honestly i can’t be bothered to sit and go through my 17000 photos, but this app is a great solution! i actually enjoy it because i can jump around and not have to stick in one spot for too long. i can also share things from the swiping thing, so if i find something i wanted to send to someone and then delete, i can do that!!
  • Great app, pretty useful!

    By TonyPaps22
    I’m not trying to sound like some fake reviewer sugarcoating the app, but the five stars were genuinely deserved. The app serves its purpose perfectly. Its organization paired with its easy accessibility is awesome! While full subscriptions are pushed to have unlimited swipes and whatnot they are not necessarily mandatory. The prices are ≈ $5 per week—though I may be wrong—(there is also a 3 day free trial). Which is pretty reasonable price especially if you wanna head start to clear your camera roll and then manage it on your own the second week and then on. Thankyou SwipeWipe!
  • Very Efficient

    By dancing kitkat
    When I saw that this app has a premium feature, I was concerned that it would not be usable without having it. However, you can use this app very effectively without paying!! So fun and takes down your storage a lot!!
  • Great app

    By rAnDoMdUDe06
    Help me delete over 10 GB worth of photos that I didn’t want to keep without going through a hassle of using the camera app. Kept everything very organized. 10/10 would use again