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  • Cant sign up for scanner pro plus

    By tipster5489
    I wanted to try the advertised trial for scanner pro plus, but there is no way to join it. You press the Free Trial button in the app store and it just opens the app, but thats it. No option appears or is available in settings to actually subscribe to this mythical service. You’d think they would make it easier to give them money.
  • 90% there, needs a few options.

    By JosephAW
    Use the app between my iPhone and iPad with iCloud. There needs to be a way to lock a document on my 16gb iPad NOT to delete it from Scanner Pro when storage is low. I come back later and find documents missing and have to redownload them from the iCloud again. Also needs an option to mark folders NOT to upload to iCloud. Sometimes I want documents only on my iPhone and not on my iPad. There’s no option to specify. It’s either all or nothing. Also needs option to not delete it from parent scanner device when deleting from child device. I deleted something on my iPad and it deleted it from my iPhone even though my iPhone created the document. The visuals for download is the little iCloud icon. Need a progress bar of downloads and the ability to prioritize or skip ones I don’t want. Thank you
  • Update deleted all of my scans

    By Fauxshelley
    This app WAS amazing. I’ve used it for years when I traveled for work to send documents back to my office. More recently I used it to scan documents, ID, and photos from my grandfather to help with his prolonged illness, hospital stays, and passing. After the latest update, all of my saved scans have disappeared. I’m just heartbroken to have lost so many memories of my grandpa. I’m also aggravated to have lost recipes, photos, and many other personal and work documents. Some I can’t recreate or find again. This app worked so well before, I don’t know why they messed with it. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
  • Must have!

    By paduck
    I use ScannerPro all the time - like most other iPhone users, I have scores of apps on my iPhone. This is one of my Top 5. I have scanned just about everything, but most useful for things like receipts. It is quick and handy and lets you put documents into a variety of formats.
  • Best money I’ve ever spent on an app

    By MrM3000
    This app is so good I have stopped using flat bed scanners altogether. It scans photos, documents (color and b&w), receipts, and just about anything else printed that you can think of, of any size! It automatically straightens edges so you don’t have to fuss with your phone position too much. And it saves as PDF or picture formats. It also automatically uploads your scans to a cloud service like Google Drive or OneDrive. I can’t say enough good things about this app. It’s worth every penny and more. AAAA++
  • Great App

    By misfitflt
    This is the most useful App. It scans all my receipts and makes them easy to send to providers for HSA or other reasons.
  • Great app!

    By Berenice8
    Very good and useful.
  • Use to be good, now it doesn’t even scan.

    By Rater Man
    Long time user of this app, in the last two weeks the app has become completely unusable. Crashes every few minutes, overheats my fairly new iPhone, and now doesn’t event scan in auto or manual capture mode. No idea what the developers have done in the last month but you should download a different scanning app.
  • Keeps crashing

    By robinstree
    This used to be an amazing app and I used it all the time to scan stuff for research and study. Now it constantly crashes when scanning and trying to save or edit the document.
  • Uploading

    By leugenef1972
    I am unable to upload files from my Mac to my iPhone via Finder. It is beyond frustrating. I cannot fathom why programmers would do that.