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  • Forever connecting to server

    By justwannawatchvids
    Haven’t been able to play because it’s constantly stuck tryin to connect to the server.
  • idk why need space

    By STAR 氏とあら
    Idk how to play this game I try to get this and I have lots of space on my phone and it’s says it nares more space so I been deleting apps on my phone and idk why it needs lots of space for my phone so yeah ima just keep trying I like how the app tho!!!
  • oh my lord

    By vallxmao
    i downloaded this game as a joke because i saw it on tiktok a lot, the lore behind it is actually amazing and the fight scenes stay my favorite, i cant wait for when the main stories get updated because that cliffhanger was so uncalled for 🌵 10/10 battle experiences plus the gacha pulls are rlly fair (i got 5* lightseeker xavier on a one pull right after getting a 5* of zayne)
  • The game is great but…

    By rumyui
    I love the concept of the game. The story is compelling and the graphics are amazing. This game however is not friendly to people who don’t spend money on the game. Two week banners are a scam and there are VERY LIMITED ways to earn diamonds so you can pull on banners. Not everyone is willing to spend money on banners. I hope the developers take notes from its players. I feel like this game is just focused on the players who do spend money and that’s not fair to the player base as a whole. Bounty hunt gives too little rewards. It genuinely takes so much to max each card when bounty hunt gives such little rewards. It needs to increase. Please make it easier to earn diamonds, increase rewards on bounty hunt, make the duration of banners longer, and update the story soon. This game has so much potential, it’s just disappointing to see how money hungry the devs are.

    By girlmeetsstars
    Stop mistreating my Xavier!!!
  • This game is very unique!

    By Chris07333
    This game is very unique unlike the love games that I played before. I love how you can literally chose any guy you want to meet or date without having to pay for the next episodes and other stuff. The storyline is amazing and I can't wait for chapter 9 to arrive! I also love the Quality Time, it's really nice to spend time with any guy you fell inlove with! 😍
  • Great game but…

    By Iris…….
    I really enjoy this game a lot but it’s not really fair to have to pay money to be able to get outfits when you are battling and if you want to exchange for diamonds you don’t get like 100 diamonds per crystal and you just get only 1 diamond. I also wished that the events wouldn’t be limited so then you can get more memories☹️
  • Wow! Like an English, action version of Tears with newer graphics!

    By Ellaphents
    I still have a lot of love for Tears of Themis, and I just started this game, and I must say I am blown away! The graphics are unbelievable, the voice acting is really well done (and in english!), the amount of customization for the character is very impressive, and I am already excited about the story. Can’t wait to play this more and hope the developers keep at this! The combat is pretty fun too!
  • No sound?

    By Lara.Mo
    Hi! iPhone user here! Tried all the notification settings and sound settings, but my voice doesn’t pop up when activating it, and the tender moment voice-lines don’t happen with sound. Now even when netting the guys in the cafe doesn’t make sound effects, and none of them have voice lines for special interactions. I have no idea what’s going on. Can I get a hand? Or an update? Did a reload to see fix any bugs on the main screen as well, and no dice. What is happeniiiiing?
  • Isn’t recognizing chats

    By Hmm1892
    I’ve had more than enough chats to complete a quest and the app isn’t recognizing them. Very frustrating. Other than that. Beautiful story and graphics.