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  • Overall not bad

    By ShadyShiftry
    I just recently downloaded this TikTok ad game, and it’s actually kinda fun. It can get a bit repetitive, if you don’t like grinding.
  • S

    By Kyrbitha16
    Fun game to play
  • There are major difficulty spikes that try to force you to pay to win

    By windyrock
    It’s a base builder, but to progress past base level 15 you have a level 100 boss, your toons should be around 55-70. The level 100 boss is actually 3 bosses, and when I encountered them at toon level 55, normally hard bosses you just wait for some exp to level up and boom. Even if you bring all your toons to 70 you still can’t progress. They want you to buy Kimberly a pay to win hero. Don’t bother. It’s a trap. Unless you enjoy waiting 15-20 real world days to get your guys from 55-80 O wouldn’t bother. I am quitting here.
  • Mostly about upgrading a base

    By alsj2014
    After the first few fights as advertised, the game became all about building a huge base, which became boring pretty quickly.
  • Misleading - not like the ads at all

    By Inc lwyr
    It’s a series of build games with the actual shooting a very small part. People download the game because of your ad which shows shooting at objects so why do you make that the absolute smallest part of the game? You’re only making people download and delete your app, make it a shooting game like you advertise and we don’t mind upgrading and staying
  • Game double charged me.

    By What name can I use
    The game double charged me for a weekly pack. It finally gave me one week of the pack but not the second one. They also would not refund the money. Apple refunded me and then the game locked me out until they get the 19.99 back. I refuse to pay for something I did not get. I have spent several hundred dollars on this game and now they are not letting me play because of their mess up.
  • Love it

    By brett bra hume
  • Not what I’m ad, just like Evony…

    By marjamison&sidekick
    Games good people are great I guess depending on ur server #, but you can choose to pay but if ur somewhat the least little bit patient not completely necessary until you get in the larger HQ size n ur strong holds different areas that all have to be raised but if you play a decent amount it’s pretty easy to do w:o to much investment or if you so choose any if your willing to play off the basic amenities given as you grow… but its worth it to anyone looking for a game your willing to invest a lot of time to… but you do not have to pay to play long enough t find out so give it a go…. Taters
  • Cool games

    By mylasmurraynorman01
    Cool game so far I really liked it
  • Still not as the ad suggests

    By Ethonomics101
    Ad says that this game is just like the ad as usual, and its not.