FicWorld-Werewolf & Romance

FicWorld-Werewolf & Romance

By 泽鑫 顾

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2023-08-30
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 108.72 MB
  • Developer: 泽鑫 顾
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.58209
From 201 Ratings


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    By flg8rgirl
    I have been reading since I was four yo. I saw a story on TikTok for a book called “Found”. The author has it set as four books. The only relationship between the four books are genre. Grammar, punctuation and spelling issues absolutely drove me insane and note that ALL 4 books are like this. It’s not one or two issues in the books, it’s every page! Book 1 decent story, ending is terrible. The reason I say the ending was terrible is because it basically stops. Limbo with a huge cliff hanger. Book 2, can I just say what the heck???? Author basically left book in limbo and left me shaking my head. Book 3, the largest of the books in the series was a great story. Actually had a ending….but again, grammar, punctuation and spelling issues had me playing guessing games. Book 4, I couldn’t take it anymore, much less afford it and stopped at chapter 6. Because I’m nosy and this is one of the first book apps I’ve download, I wanted to see how much it would cost to read the “4” books. This cost is why I’m leaving a developer review as well as a author review and hopefully save a consumer from wasting money and time. Drum roll please…..It cost $300 AND I did not finish. I purchased (6) 5000 coins plus additional bonus options. Now do you understand why I say “RIP OFF”. Runaway and don’t look back. Hoping to leave enough apple app reviews to get these rip off scammers removed and people aren’t taken advantage of. This developer charges well over a hundred coins for a cheaper unlock. Can you afford this?
  • My Story The Illusion Of Us Stolen

    By klastella
    Hello, Please help me take down the story titled the Illusion Of Us on your platform. It is mine and I only published it on Wattpad.
  • My stories are being stolen!

    By Topper1007
    I literally downloaded this app on a recommendation! Imagine my surprise to find my own books published here.. without my permission or knowledge! I didn’t realize that could be done! I publish solely on Inkitt.. due to the fact no one has to wait or pay for chapters to load! Stealing someone’s personal work is wrong! Even if it is on the internet! Shame on the ones responsible!
  • Plagiarism

    By Jojobear57
    They steal work. They stole my story The Gray Brothers and renamed it Forced to live with the hot boys. Most of the stories come from Wattpad.
  • Expensive and disappointing

    By AmandaJune84
    I’ve been paying for chapters and now the story is repeating chapters I’ve already paid for. The amount of coins used to read one chapter is ridiculous and the ten dollars you pay doesn’t get you very far in the book. What a scam.
  • If…

    By DestructiveLove4
    I would give this app a better rating, if they didn’t have more chapters in the ad than on the app before they’re trying to get you to pay for chapters you already read on the ad. I would also give them a better rating if there was a better way to earn the “tickets” or “coins” to read the stories. The writers are amazing and would probably have better luck writing on wattpad to find people who are engrossed in their work.
  • Many stories plagiarized

    By Leslie Rocks
    Many stories have been taken without permission from other reading apps and authors don’t get paid for their works. With the expense of chapters, authors should get their credit.
  • Stealer of books

    By Woman4322456
    This app is a theif. They steal authors book and put on their app. Goggle take down this app. They are thieves!!!! They steal author books and put on their apps. Thief!!!!!!!
  • Plagiarized works

    By K. Apu
    This app contains plagiarized work. They were notified and they still have these stories on their app.
  • The edge of reason

    By Rule 63
    Good story.