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  • Good in Theory Only

    By Brooklyn salsa
    It doesn't block enough spam calls. It's especially annoying when you're actually using your phone. Prefix blocking doesn't work. I went through their troubleshooting steps. Didn't help. Customer service never responded. Disappointing overall.
  • Does not stop the spam calls

    By *DRF
    Not sure what the point of this app is as spam calls come in as always. There is no ‘RoboKiller’ blocking the calls. I can not endorse this app.
  • Thank you Hiya

    By Queen Kiki💋
    I absolutely love this app. Thank you all so very much for providing protection from the unwanted!
  • Bugging me

    By delicouscamel
    Why am I writing to have numbers reported and they can still get through bothering me all day so ya you get a one star
  • Doesn’t work

    By Andy60629
    I thought this would intercept and stop at least some spam calls and I went through help settings and turned it on I thought. Still inundated with spam calls even though most numbers when I look them up in hiya are registered as spam nums. It seems to only catch some spam numbers even though it seems to know about them
  • Must have

    By Nerbob43
    Been using for years. Works like a charm, vrry few spam calls get thru.
  • Horrible app

    By Ms Vette 66
    The app has the ability to hijack your phone. It answers your calls before you get a chance to answer them and might pass it to you., otherwise it goes to a black hole. All your calls are automatically forwarded to their system. I want to opt out of everything except spam block. This app has gotten so robust that it’s all or nothing. It takes over your phone. I’ve sent at least 15 emails to support trying to find out how to get the app to stop answering my calls and storing my voicemails which I can’t stop it from recording. All I get are irritated responses to disable everything. Well, every time I open the app, it re-enables EVERYTHING!!! I’m tired of fighting with this app and the no help support. When my subscription expires…I’m gone. I DO NOT recommend this app.
  • Great, but still a few features that would be nice

    By Eric B123
    I love this app and it does a great job, plus it's a ton less expensive than YouMail. That said, for now I'm sticking with the latter, as I need the ability to block all calls except for ones in my contacts. Or, there was a briefly lived app that required an access code to put calls through. That was super, as I am a professional who gets a lot of business calls on my cellphone--even though I guard the number zealously. So being able to limit calls to my family and my answering service would be ideal.
  • Stupid app

    By Hiya so stupid
    Terrible app. Block all my calls
  • ⭐ Nealry Worthless Now

    By mtflis
    Hiya was once a solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐ service worth paying for. No more. The occasional unidentified spam call is now a regular daily (often several times daily) feature. I can copy-paste a number Hiya missed into a Tor browser tab and find it listed as spam in Nomorobo's or RoboKiller's databases. The AT&T ActiveArmor-Hiya sellout collab is the likely cause of Hiya's decline and underwhelming flaccid performance. Disappointing.