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  • It Started Freezing When I Garb My Tools! 😡

    By btd 6 mega ulteminte goooood
    Fix It Piz?
  • don’t download!!!!!

    By i’m not sure what to put 🤨
    i looked at this game and i was like oh yeah ok this is cool but the eyes kinda creeped me out and anyways, i downloaded it and few minutes into the game it glitched and there were pink pixels in a few places along with some blue and green, so i deleted it cause it kinda creeped me out. so, pls don’t download this!!! and also quick reminder, check out the comments before you download a game, it really helps! stay safe!
  • Love!!

    By marsh-meadow💖💖
    Hi I love that this game also has dress up I love it and that this game you can give them a wacky tacky make overs it's a really fun game it's not the best but it's not the worst.bye!
  • Let’s Play In The Sprinkler Nudes?

    By yhhhhhjjjkkllkfdgjjjkk
    OMG! Teen Approved!
  • Freaking hate it!

    By AVA🍑🧀
    This game is so bad, i feel like
  • WHAT THE HECKINBOB!!?!?!?!????!?

    By AshtinDevil
    SO ADDICTIVE GET IT RIGHT NOW And visit the Broadway play Hamilton Note: bad words in it (rated 10 and up) ANGELICA. ELIZA AND PEGGY HEHE 😉 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  • Great

    By Katie Carmickle
    I love it, but why can’t I die the eyebrows and use hands instead of brush? Everything else is awesome and amazing!
  • B E S T G A M E E V E R

    By Emi Fanning
    B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!! B E S T G A M E E V E R !!!
  • Fun game but contained virus that corrupted the app

    By Anonymous_Reviewer!1
    This is an amazing game but after only 5 min of playing it a virus appeared while I was dyeing the hair. Please try to fix these bugs I had to delete and reinstall the app to fix it.
  • Spooky update!!

    By Evie Lobring
    When it’s October, make an Halloween update. Change the icon and the start screen, then add the salon decorations, put on Halloween music(the one that pops up after the valentine one), add costumes, accessories, hair tools, change the clock(the clock will be orange and purple striped), change the shampoo bottle(it would look black with shoullite bats), add the backdrops. Do all of those things. I can’t wait to see the update!