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  • Good game but….

    By Thelegendmaster
    When I was playing the game after a few minutes the head went away and it was so long I couldn’t make the hair and it spun in circles so fast Plss fix the game why it’s doing that
  • Sad

    By peterAhenley
    I thought this was “toca hair salon Me” I used all my mom’s money to buy this. I’m such a stupid dumbo
  • Absolutely fun

    By sandaddiction
    Everything in the game, as well as the clients are really cute in that game. It just makes it one of the coolest games ever and I strongly doubt that the clients’ looks are just the coolest things found in this app. Also, styling their hair is just the best thing and to make different hairstyles for fun. This is just too cool and amazing to have kids playing with
  • It’s great

    By vsjgv id dbefvcs
    I loveeeee this app I fist got it when I was like seven and I liked it but know I have my own phone and I was like looking back at games I had when I was a kid and I saw this a I downloaded it and I still love it I like how nothing costs money there is no premium crap and nothing is locked Al in all it’s a great app and it comes with everything at your everyday hair salon and more! Highly recommend
  • Stylish hair!!

    By jaseisj
    This game was worth every penny, and it was similar to the game I played called Toca Kitchen 2, and Toca Hair Salon. I knew Toca Hair salon 3 came out. So it had cute characters. The physics were good and the hair was really nice. I love it. Thanks Toca Boca!!!!!
  • Freaky..

    By quentinsmom
    So when I started playing this on my iPad when I was about 4 or 5 something scary happened, their neck went out and their head spun and their eyes were white and their face was cut up.. when this happened when I was 4 or 5 I stared at it for a bit and went to the Home Screen my heart felt like it dropped into my stomach.
  • My childhood 😭

    By jfhdirijfhfurjrjj
    It may get a little boring after a while….BUTTTTTTTT it’s so fun for little kids! 🥺
  • ..

    By joel martines
    I give it a 1 star rate because it is traumatizing.
  • Awful!

    By TOY2016
    Totally froze up my iPad. It does not work. Provided only stress and aggravation. Don’t bother!!
  • Glitch found

    By aldt
    Yes this game is for kids but, I found a wonky glitch that I was adding a hair clip to the hair and the head spun around and around pls fix this little kids should not see this it’s scary