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  • Too much for Pro

    By Teeny puffs
    So I downloaded this app to learn so I downloaded this learning my basic sentence and all that but then I figured out that every single thing else is for pro. I’m mad because I love I suggest that you fix that or else more people are going to delete the app like I did, so please if you can respond as quick as you can or fix the issue bye-bye
  • Very useful

    By P Laguerre
    I have been using this app to learn Thai and absolutely love it! I especially love how it allows you to review the vocabulary. And I really like how I’m able to write and record my voice in Thai and listen to it in order to improve. Would highly recommend!
  • Clear but not enough repetition

    By Square dance mama
    I like this app more than other, far more expensive, options. The only problem thus far is that material from one lesson to the next is not repeated to build on vocabulary
  • Great update!

    By 555THAI555
    Thank you Ling! The new update makes learning so much easier!
  • Good app for learning all sorts of languages- but…

    By TMICopyCrab
    I’m going to start by talking about the things I like about this app- - the lessons are quick and you can do them within five minutes - I like how you can evaluate your pronunciation - I like how you can learn how to write different letters that aren’t from the roman alphabet - I like that it teaches proper grammar structures and about the culture - to some extent you can sort of practice conversations So why not five stars? - when doing a lesson, you can’t really go back to fix a mistake or go back to the beginning of the lesson until the very end- and even at the end, you can’t correct mistakes unless you want to redo the entire lesson - yes the app gets the job done- but the learning process is a bit dull and not all that fun - lessons- I was looking through the lessons and i don’t believe I could become a fluent speaker with what I am offered - writing- there should be a way to practice writing some of the phrases that were learnt- for example- if you are learning Thai, and it asks “how do you say hello in Thai?” Theres no way to practice writing it as “สวัสดี ค่ะ“ instead you simply click a button- which is good in some cases, but it won’t help in terms of writing or learning how to properly write - It would be sort of cool if there was a way to practice writing and conversing in the language with an actual person- or even ai, or however that would work, or with other learners, instead of pushing a button to send a ready-made phrase to a bot - it would be pretty cool if there was a game option available at all times to review stuff (like what “Babbel” does) - Teaching about tones for writing for different languages- or going more in depth with the alphabets of the languages that don’t use the Roman alphabet would be awesome! Overall the app is pretty effective for comprehending a language-would recommend if you are using it to understand media- for reading and writing it might not do completely as you wish- for full fledged conversations it might be a bit difficult as well Where to look for inspiration on app updates- Babbel has some super cool immersive features, where if Ling made their own version of them, it could be much more fun, engaging, and give more learning opportunities to people who have the app.
  • Complete Rip Off

    By Jaykub116
    $15 for 30 days of access is already a steep asking price, but there’s not a lot of Thai resources out there. To make things worse, I got through 1 (O-N-E) ‘premium’ lesson before the app froze and kicked me out, and now has no record of my purchase. I’m locked out of the lessons I bought and yet the money is still gone from my account. Even if I can get a refund, I will not be using this app again, nor will I ever recommend it to fellow language learners. In the time I have spent trying to get this app to work, I could have found 5x as many free resources that actually function as advertised. Disappointing.
  • Deceitful

    By MoonKing97443
    Once you sign in you find out it is a subscription. Not free. And I can’t find out how to opt out. AND there doesn’t seem to be any instruction in what phrases mean. Just introduced to a new word, and Then it is included in a sentence. There needs to be more structure in how to pronounce these words, and start from a more basic set of words. Like YES and NO.
  • Very good but advances very quickly

    By Waist of $5
    I really like the structure of this app. My only complaint is how fast it advances. You go from learning a couple words to trying to wrap your head around entire sentences. A little more gradual approach would be very helpful. Overall, it is a good platform.
  • I LOVE This app so much🇹🇭

    By chicem
    Ok so I love this app because first it’s better then doulingo I think because Dou dose not teach Thai and it also dose not have you like practice writing letters or words like this app and dou dose not teach you the grammar for the language and sometimes when I try to learn a diff language off dou it dose not have you practice have to pronounce to words and stuff and I think they need to improve that but this is not about dou this is about y’all’s app I think it’s sooo good and the fact you don’t just have to learn RHAI on it is amazing 5 ⭐️’s from me 🇹🇭❤️🤍💙🤍❤️
  • Great way to learn my own language

    By I think it’s good
    I am thai but I am not good with Thai..until I found this app! It can help you learn Thai! It’s very easy and I am already learning half of the language already!