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  • Pretty good but you have to pay for lesson 4

    By Jensheare
    So I was really happy I could learn Cyrillic script writing but then when I got to lesson 4 it said I had to pay and that made me super disappointed
  • Nice app - some annoying features

    By geogeowakeup
    Small font and low contrast colors hard to read for older eyes. Easy to delete progress and have to start over (logout or click refresh by mistake) Dictionary has nice categories and pronunciation but not translation. E.g. a list foods in Thai with pronunciation is not that useful. Reported these in feedback but no answer so far. Several feedback channels are provided. I tried all that I could find.
  • Great aid for learning Thai letters

    By George Hal
    I’ve just been using this 1 day and it has been super useful. My biggest wish is that some of the lettering was larger and has greater contrast (vs light grey on white) .
  • Great selection of hard-to-find languages!

    By Heather D
    I downloaded this app because I can practice the Burmese and Georgian writing systems - 2 languages I couldn’t find writing practice for on any other app. There are many other hard-to-find languages here. As an aspiring polyglot, I say this is a huge plus. I do wish Persian Farsi would be added, and I wish the app was built natively for iPad. But if you’re looking for an obscure language you’re having trouble finding on other apps I definitely recommend checking here. The more commonly studied languages are available as well.
  • Amazing but pls make iPad version

    By neptunie2
    Please make this app compatible with iPad. It will be nice to use the Apple Pencil for it.
  • Some questions.

    By --Mali--
    Overall the lessons are good, i am learning Thai. And my question is when i reach the Thai lesson 18, it stops loading more lessons and from what i understand is that Thai lessons has 74 all together? If that is the case…why is not uploading after lesson 18? I rated this a 3 because of the fact that I can’t move on to the next lesson higher than 18. I also rated this a 3 because of its easy to learn and fun to do , i highly recommend this as a fun way to slowly learning new languages.
  • Beautiful and Effective

    By OneMichaela
    This app is fun to use, beautiful, and makes me motivated to learn the Hebrew alphabet. It is a well-made app and makes things simple to learn!
  • Great!

    By 0000smartypants
    Highly recommend this app
  • A must!!

    By Bjastski
    If you are learning any language you should absolutely add this to your learning tool kit. I use drops for vocal and speaking and it works great but I am getting even more out of my other learning apps thanks to the reading and writing practice this app offers. I use them to practice my Japanese.
  • Arabic Alphabet Severely Lacking

    By MxCharlyJane
    They go over the base forms of each letter of the arabic alphabet, but they don’t teach you the diacritics or the various forms of the letters. I thought by buying the $9 premium version, that I would unlock these features and the ability to practice writing full words, but no. Other than maybe reciting the alphabet from memory, this app will not help you learn to read or write arabic at all. Worth the free version, but don’t waste your money like i did.