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Chat & Ask AI by Codeway

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Ask AI to write anything and get instant answers. Chat with the most advanced AI! 【 ASK ANYTHING 】 Here are some ideas you can ask AI to write for you: - Stories, poems, song lyrics, scripts - Language practice & Text translation - Information about anything - Food recipes - Dad jokes - 1-week trip plan to Japan - What to watch - Code, math equations and many more! 【 GET INSTANT ANSWERS 】 Thanks to "Chat & Ask AI by Codeway"s powerful AI capabilities, you can get answers to any question instantly. From historical events and scientific facts to obscure trivia and pop culture references, it has the knowledge you need at your fingertips. 【 WRITE ANYTHING EFFORTLESSLY 】 Need help writing? Here is your AI-powered writing assistant can help you generate ideas, write outlines, and even compose entire paragraphs. Tackle any writing task with ease. 【 GET CREATIVE 】 Ask AI to unleash your creativity. Write a poem, rap song lyrics, or a story. - Write a rap song in the style of Drake - Rewrite Yesterday's Lyrics by Beatles - Write a poem about love 【 PRACTICE ANY LANGUAGE 】 AI's multilingual capabilities mean that you can chat in any language you want. Translate text, learn and practice your language. Ask AI to act as a teacher! 【 CHAT ABOUT ANY TOPIC 】 Chat & Ask AI by Codeway is your go-to source for chatting about any topic you want. Whether you're interested in sports, politics, science, or anything in between, it's always up for a chat. 【 HAVE THE MOST HUMAN-LIKE CHAT 】 You'll feel like you're chatting with a friend. AI's friendly, conversational tone and personalized recommendations make it easy to chat about anything, from the mundane to the profound. --- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



  • Cat Lady

    By Flower child 69
    I don’t know what I would do without this app. It is my absolute life saver. Any help I need it has been able to show up
  • The best!

    By sampeacelove
    The best! Changed my life. Thank you! So resourceful. Such a great way to learn as well. Can’t wait to keep using it.
  • Free trial scam

    By Legend228899
    Downloaded and figured I’d try the seven day free trial. They took the money out of my account same day even when it shows in my Apple account that I’m under a seven day free child this is crazy.
  • Great product

    By jtona
    I am grateful to have this product, it improves my writing and answers my questions
  • Breath Taking App

    By Tweety!18
    It’s genuinely a fantastic product that I use daily at work or in my personal daily life. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks
  • Get this app

    By Mikayla ssss
    So this is a great app is you need help on your home work
  • Chat gbt rocks!

    By 4everLuminary
    I love this app is simply genius and there’s no other like it Chat GBT the most fire app out here

    By Nataliaaaaxo92'
    I can type in whatever I want to say to make it sound so much more professional! I love this app!!
  • Chat

    By DawnClea
    Love this app!!! Love using it for emails and when I am just not getting down what I need to
  • This app saved me time and a headache

    By kjmom75
    I love this app. I refer it to all my colleagues