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  • This App is Racist

    By Maurice "Yeshua Sampson" Petty
    Is this App a JOKE? Just goes to show how wicked of a world we live in with this AI technology. I chose the Roman feature, and they made me a whole white man, and nothing looked like me at all. This is such a disappointment as I was looking forward to creating a pretty decent AI video, apparently your app doesn’t want me to go back in time as a Roman lol
  • Can’t upload

    By willie1165
    I created a video but there’s no way to upload it
  • Needs to be more diverse

    By danielgaskins
    I’m not please with this app at all, I downloaded it so I could create some video from a character image in my new children’s book, who is a 6 year old African American girl and her dog. The app consistently transforms my image in everything except a African American child. No where in the app is there anything even close to making that work, I wish I had know before I spent my money.
  • Ai

    By jasmin3666
    Not really good
  • Disappointed

    By MarlenAdams
    If you are a melanated dark skinned person with curly hair this app isn’t for you. The first thing it’s gonna do is straighten your hair, lighten your skin, and thin out your lips. Very disappointing!! It’s almost as if the app creators didn’t know people like that exist!!! Also, they charged me $54 on my card so be mindful of that!!
  • 😡 why can't I use my original audio

    By GPAB1356
    Not sure I like this app especially when it doesn't allow you to keep the original audio
  • Disappointed

    By DylanClissold
    Pretty lame. Was hoping for something amazing and got some thing. Mediocre at best. Not a lot of control. Just a few options to choose from. You can’t make it what you want. You have to make it how they want to make it.
  • I don’t look like the work I used to

    By hypnomoon
    Dogs sad too
  • Turns Black White lol

    By Videophotographer
    Need to create who you are 👨🏽‍🎨
  • Disappointing

    By antisocialmedis
    Lack of options, videos can only be trimmed to small clips. And it seems there’s two main styles of effects, horror and anime. It has to potential to do so much more and I good concept but execution and options are lacking. Most say ai will eventually phase out jobs of creatives but I think there’s a potential to make ai something that combined with talented creatives and giving them more options and control besides hitting a button and turning one thing into another is something there’s no longevity in as a company