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  • Great app, if you don’t mind the subscription

    By snakeonastickgtp
    I’ve been using this app for years. I purchased it when it was a one time fee. I was going to put it on all of my teams phones but unfortunately our company won’t allow subscriptions. Very disappointed .
  • Constant pop ups

    By Stoneman 53
    I paid for this app years ago. Now they have gone to a subscription service and spam me at every start up to start paying monthly. Not the way to treat a paying customer that bought the app outright previous at a hefty fee . Deleted and won’t use again!
  • Great. Except….

    By jarjo
    After more than 15 years of using this app, it now has pop-up ads. Stop the ads!!
  • Superintendent for a concrete Co.

    By comcrete man
    It’s a tool I can’t go with out. Well worth the money!
  • Pop up ads in app I paid for

    By pissedoffcistomer
    This is absolutely unacceptable. I would have given this app five star review before the latest update that started this. Truly unacceptable
  • Greed

    By Matthew J B
    A monthly subscription for a calculator, unreal
  • Why $40/year?

    By Oct8ne
    I was recommended this app by a framer. Apparently there are physical calculators you can buy, but the framer loves having it on his phone. What we didn’t realize was that the app switched to a subscription fee some time ago. The physical calculator can last years if taken care of, so your purchase will be distributed over time until you need to purchase a replacement. But the subscription price of this app is nearly equivalent to buying a new calculator EVERY YEAR! I understand that a one time app purchase for a company switching from physical to digital is not sustainable since the app will go with you from phone to phone, whereas the physical product gets repurchased. Here’s my suggestion: keep the subscription model, but reduce the cost to reflect the average lifespan of the physical calculator. Then the decision your customers will make is “If I am paying basically the same amount either way, would I rather have digital on my phone with me everywhere or a physical calculator that doesn’t cost as much to replace as my phone if it breaks. Unfortunately, the current subscription model is undermining the value of this product. And for me, turns me away. I will check back later to see if the company has made any changes. Edit: In response to the developer; some people do not want or need extra features and just want a mobile construction calculator. Consider making different subscription tiers that unlock the newer features you are developing. Let your customers choose what they buy into.
  • Help

    By JMartin101521
    I bought the calculator on my android and just switched to do I get it withought having to pay again..great app been using it for a couple years now
  • Try before you buy bait and switch

    By Mr Tanner 5
    I’m sure this app is great, but I don’t appreciate apps pretending to be free.
  • Useful and accurate

    By geo_king89
    Tough to use because of all the functions, but great when you know what you’re doing! Highly recommend, expensive, especially month to month when you can buy the physical unit at the store and have forever for $40. Why pay $4.99/month or even $39.99/year?