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  • Closing pages

    By fghjjklmnopqrst
    I absolutely hate the new way you have to close pages. It takes several more clicks which is terribly annoying.. I am going to quit using your app unless you change it back…
  • Google Chrome Review!

    By writing review!
    Love this app so much!! Helps me teach my students and learn much more teaching tricks also in this app you don’t need to spend any money u just search up!
  • Google chrome cast option

    By kamaltabdulla
    Hello, When casting to chrome cast device will be available?
  • Two finger, right-click on trackpad accessory not working

    By _danootz_
    I’ve got trackpad gestures enable in my iPad settings, and have confirmed the gesture works in Safari. However Chrome appears to be broken. I am unable to “right click” to open in a new tab on any links. I’ve closed/reopened Chrome. I’ve restarted the device entirely.
  • Roearn

    By hellotothepeoplewholikethisapp
    Thank you for existing
  • Password auto-fill won’t go away

    By DJ B1591
    I can no longer use the app because the auto-fill password keyboard pops up unprompted and won’t go away. It used to pop up every time I launched the app. I would just hit done and it would go away. Now pushing done doesn’t do anything.
  • Thirsty to gather infos

    By Amirhocein
    No privacy!
  • Useful app with big flaws

    By Bee4567bee
    We all know what YouTube is so I’ll get right to the point. I hate the way the next suggested video fills the bottom 1/3 of the screen. If you look at your phone the wrong way, it will play. The algorithm used to be helpful. Now it’s slow to change and points to certain things. Even the search engine… you can search for the exact title of a video and still not find it.
  • Porn hub

    By kmlrkmlr
    Porn hub
  • It fine

    By lanaenea
    Sometimes it messes up but in general it good